Senior Living Services


In addition to nursing services, Medicare certified rehabilitation services are provided on both an in-patient and an out-patient basis. Those services include:

Occupational Therapy - treatment by means of constructive activities designed and adapted to promote the restoration of the person's ability to satisfactorily accomplish the ordinary tasks of daily living and those required by the person's particular occupational role after such ability has been impaired by disease, injury of loss of a body part.

Physical Therapy - treatment by physical means, hydrotherapy, heat or similar modalities, physical agents, biomechanical and neurophysiological principles and devices to relieve pain, restore maximum function and prevent disability following disease, injury or loss of body part.

Speech Therapy - treatment for the restoration of speech impaired by disease, surgery, or injury.



Woodhaven's nursing care includes services and supplies as ordered by a physician or other provider to promote the recovery of the nursing home resident from an illness, disease or injury. Professional medical services are administered by licensed nurses 24 hours a day and 24 hour care with all activities of daily living is provided by certified nursing assistants. Further support for all nursing care giving staff is provided 24/7 by an administrative nurse.

All care and treatments are ordered and supervised by Woodhaven’s osteopathic physican or medical doctor, both of whom visit weekly. Additional professional medical services are provided by the nurse practitioner who visits three times each week. The nurse practitioner also serves as a liaison between staff, the physician and interested family members, enhancing and facilitating prompt communication and coordination of health care services.


assisted living services


adult day services

Woodhaven's Adult Day Service is the only program of its kind in all of Michigan. Since 1991, we've been open every single day to serve the needs of our client families, and to provide outstanding elderly care in Livonia and the Detroit area. The local Area Agency on Aging has recognized Woodhaven as a significant resource for older adults in Western Wayne County, and has directed Older Americans Act funding to our program.

Many times over the years, adult day participants who have started out reluctant to live in a retirement community have become so comfortable and adjusted to the day care program, they eventually choose to become permanent residents in our Independent or Assisted Living facilities. It is a wonderful thing to see people make a smooth transition from living alone and isolated to becoming part of a larger community and living together among their peers.

Our senior center services Detroit, Bay City, Livonia, and the surrounding Michigan area Woodhaven's adult day participants are provided three hot meals, a variety of activities and outings, care oversight and the opportunity for many social interactions and stimulation. We safely host seniors who have a tendency to walk away in a sprawling, yet totally secured, area with access to the wooded outdoors.


Please call Woodhaven's Director of Adult Day Services, Debbie Kucharski at (734) 261-9000 or email her at [email protected] to set up a visit for you and your loved one. Woodhaven cordially invites all interested family members and their older loved ones to be our guests for a complimentary hot lunch on the day of the tour. No one should have to worry about leaving an older loved one at home alone. May we be part of the solution?

independent living

Welcome to worry-free retirement and independent living. All of our independent living apartments are designed for worry-free living, from floorplans that are spacious and accessible, to fully furnished rooms and kitchens, and ample storage for your clothes and personal items. We take care of all maintence for you, and provide a range of community features and shared spaces that will make your life more enjoyable.

Woodpointe provides three hot meals daily on an a la carte basis. Those can be purchased most economically by the meal, or with an even greater discount when contracted for on a monthly basis. Twice each week residents gather for a complimentary continental group breakfast. A driver and vehicle is provided to take residents every week to the grocery store, bank, pharmacy, department store and even out to a restaurant. This service provided is "door to door" with ready assistance with heavy purchases, multiple bags and shopping carts.


Resident centered activities include "coffee, tea and news" daily discussion, outings to Frankenmuth, the Fox Theatre and Greenfield Village, movie nights, seasonal parties, pot lucks, and lots of varied entertainment. Many Woodpointe apartment dwellers have also become involved volunteering in the adjacent care facility. Free passes can be obtained at the Woodhaven office for the nearby city operated fitness center which includes a large indoor track, multiple swimming pools, exercise equipment, gyms and much, much more. Family members of Woodpointe residents are also able to use the free passes.

Peace of mind is provided by making licensed nurses available 24/7 via a portable emergency response button that works throughout the building or even around the surrounding grounds. Assisted living care services are also available a la carte. Care can be purchased in very economical 15 minutes blocks. Housekeeping is similarly offered and tailored to your desired frequency and can even include doing your personal laundry. Residents meet every other month to self govern. Parties, activities, outings, restaurant trips and other topics of discussion are facilitated by staff. Treats are always served. Come, see for yourself, how living can be easier than you thought!

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