Senior Living Services

Come and experience the Woodhaven difference!

Woodhaven is one of the first Livonia retirement communities to embrace the “small house” concept of residential retirement living. We offer three very special boutique neighborhoods, each with approximately 30 residents, creating an environment that feels much more like a family.

The intimacy in our living arrangements means that staff, residents and their guests all get to know each other and become friends. Each of these neighborhood communities has their own cozy family room, dining room complete with serving counter and individualized activities and events.

With all levels of care, residents no longer have to worry about what could happen if their condition should change as they go through the seasons of life. Similarly, residents do occasionally improve and seem to beat the aging odds. They are easily able to move into a less restrictive neighborhood without ever changing their mailing address!

Choose from one of the sections below to learn more about the pricing and features of Woodhaven's independent living, assisted living, skilled nursing & rehabilitation, adult day services and memory services.

Woodpointe Independent Living - Apartment Prices

Tucked away in the gorgeous woods of Livonia, Woodpointe Independent Living apartments provide privacy from the noise and fast pace of the city, all while maintaining access to the shopping, services and activities of the larger community. Apartments can be life-leased or rented month-to-month. Read More


Assisted Living Rooms - Features and Pricing

Woodhaven's assisted living was newly developed and constructed in 2007 with state of the art features and amenities. Each apartment has its own kitchenette with kitchen sink, cupboards, microwave, refrigerator and freezer. One bedroom apartments have no less than 3 closets each! All efficiency apartments have built-in writing desks. Bathrooms are huge and totally barrier free. The dining room is intimate and elegant with residents enjoying selective menus for each meal.   Read More


Enhanced Living - Facilities & Pricing

Open since 1994, Woodhaven is one of the first retirement communities in the entire Detroit metropolitan area to develop a specialty center to address the unique needs of seniors who have been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease or other memory issues.   Read More


Skilled Nursing & Rehabilitation Services

The Woodhaven skilled nursing and rehabilitation neighborhood improves residents' health so that they can “graduate” to assisted living or better yet, return to their home in the community. Daily professional attention focuses on physical, occupational and speech therapy. Read More


Adult Day Services - Details & Pricing

Open 5:00 a.m. – 11:00 p.m. every day, including weekends and holidays. Seniors living in western Wayne County are eligible for funding that will cover the cost of most or all of the services needed, provided by the Older Americans Act. Those who live in Oakland county, are under the age of 60, or who need more services than covered by the Act, pay just $10 per hour for care that includes three hot meals, all activities, medication administration and supervision. Read More


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