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Woodhaven's nursing care includes services and supplies as ordered by a physician or other provider to promote the recovery of the nursing home resident from an illness, disease or injury. Professional medical services are administered by licensed nurses 24 hours a day and 24 hour care with all activities of daily living is provided by certified nursing assistants. Further support for all nursing care giving staff is provided 24/7 by an administrative nurse.

All care and treatments are ordered and supervised by Woodhaven’s osteopathic physican or medical doctor, both of whom visit weekly. Additional professional medical services are provided by the nurse practitioner who visits three times each week. The nurse practitioner also serves as a liaison between staff, the physician and interested family members, enhancing and facilitating prompt communication and coordination of health care services.

Apartment Type Price
Companion room (½ bath)
200 ft2
from $295 per day or $8,850 per month
Private room (½ bath)
200 ft2
from $315 per day or $9,450 per month
Private room (full bath)
200 ft2
from $325 per day or $9,750 per month
Studio Apt
275 ft2
from $335 per day or $10,050 per month
One Bedroom Apt
450 ft2
from $345 per day or $10,350 per month

Woodhaven’s skilled nursing and rehabilitation neighborhood opened in 2002. The focus is on healthcare improvement and the goal of most skilled nursing residents is to “graduate” to assisted living or better yet, return to their home in the community. This is possible with daily professional physical, occupational and speech therapy. In 2007 Woodhaven’s therapy area was tripled with a focus in skilled nursing on post-hospital recovery.

The skilled nursing and rehabilitation area includes a cozy family room, town center park, chapel and dining room that expands to double as a theatre and auditorium for the many outside groups that come to entertain.

Flexible Living Space Options

Living spaces can be shared companion rooms or spacious private rooms with your choice of full or half baths. All rooms come with beautiful residential looking state-of-the-art fully electric hospital beds, a night stand, chest of drawers, lamp and occasional chair. Any or all of this can be removed and stored to encourage the resident to bring just as many personal items as room might permit, to simulate to create a more immediate feeling of home.

Dining is provided throughout the day in Woodhaven’s health services bistro, where selective menus offer choice and diversity. A menu of stimulating classes, entertainment, exercise, games and outings are also provided.

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