Features & Pricing

assisted living services

Apartment Type Price
Privacy room
500 ft2 (shared bath)
from $135 per day or $4,050 per month
Studio apartment
350 ft2
from $160 per day or $4,800 per month
One bedroom apartment
450 ft2
from $167 per day or $5,250 per month

The Woodhaven Assisted Living Neighborhood has 30 apartments that are designed to provide safety, 24-hour assistance and helpful stimulation to residents who are alert, but no longer choose to live alone.

Potential residents are evaluated prior to admission with the goal of offering them the least restrictive and most home-like environment. For those who are unsure about placement, Woodhaven gladly offers them the opportunity to come for the day—or as many days as needed—to observe our facility and participate in activities.

Every one of our Residents is given a personal service plan, which is developed together between the family and our interdisciplinary team (nursing, activities, dietary staff). The service plan is updated every year, or more frequently in the case of a significant change in condition.

Woodhaven’s assisted living was newly developed and constructed in 2007 with state of the art features and amenities. Each apartment has its own kitchenette with kitchen sink, cupboards, microwave, refrigerator and freezer. One bedroom apartments have no less than 3 closets each! All efficiency apartments have built-in writing desks. Bathrooms are huge and totally barrier free. The dining room is intimate and elegant with residents enjoying selective menus for each meal.

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